Flow-Flow PHP: Installation and Requirements

Flow-Flow PHP Script builds stunning social grids of cards with content from social networks. This premium plugin works great with all popular networks and is suitable for any page of your site.


  1. Unzip file you downloaded from CodeCanyon and find flow-flow folder inside.

  2. In flow-flow folder you will find ff-config.php file. You need to edit it with your data before start using plugin.

  3. First section where you set URLs to plugin folder and files:


    The path to parent folder where you WILL place flow-flow folder. Eg. http://domain.com/admin/plugins


    The path to file ff.php that located in flow-flow folder. Eg. http://domain.com/admin/plugins/flow-flow/ff.php

  4. Second section where you specify MySQL database credentials (ask your hosting about this if you don't know where to find this):


    The URL of your database. Usually can be found in your site admin panel. Eg. in Dreamhost admin:


    Name of your database. Eg. in Dreamhost admin:


    Username of existing user of database specified above. 


    Password of DB user specified above. 

  5. Rest of constants shouldn't be modified, just leave them as they are.


  6. After finishing editing your config file place flow-flow folder via FTP to your site. You can place it anywhere but better not in folder where you have your public files because it contains sensitive data.

  7. You can find example files admin.php and index.php that you can place anywhere on site. For example place admin.php in the folder where you placed flow-flow folder before. Then when you go to URL http://domain.com/admin/plugins/admin.php in your browser you should see Flow-Flow admin page if this is allowed by your CMS. index.php is the example page that will load stream with ID #1 after you add it in FF admin.

  8. For further guides and instructions use links in the menu

Browser support

  • Chrome >= 20
  • Mozilla Firefox >= 15
  • Internet Explorer >= 9
  • Safari >= 5
  • Opera >= 15
  • Safari Mobile for iOS
  • Chrome for Android / iOS
  • Firefox for Android


  • You need to have jQuery version 1.7 or later on your site.
  • Some network API require secure connection to send data so your server should have SSL certificate installed. In the most cases SSL is provided by hosting. But we suggest to consult your hosting about your server security before purchasing. If you don’t have SSL check this article to consider free and lowcost options. Next networks require secure connection: Twitter, Facebook, G+, Instagram.


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