Injector Class Documentation

Class FFInjector

$injector = new FFInjector( $isAdmin )

Constructor method to initialize instance of injector. Set parameter to true if you initialize injector for Flow-Flow admin page

Instance methods

$injector->head( $insert_jquery , $update_stream_cache , $is_compact_admin )

Method to inject CSS and JS of plugin on page. Has next parameters:

  • $insert_jquery

    Set to true if you don't have jQuery on page already. Default: false

  • $update_stream_cache

    Set to false if you have Cron job running in background to update stream. Default: true

  • $is_compact_admin

    For admin page only. Set to true if you use Flow-Flow admin panel inside some container and have more content on page. Default: false


Method to inject content of Flow-Flow admin panel. Has no additional parameters.

$injector->stream( $id )

Method to inject stream content on page. Has one required parameter:

  • $id

    ID of stream you want to inject on page. Can be found on admin page

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