Facebook or Instagram Auth Token Expiration

Facebook and Instagram want their users' accounts to be safe, and for that, they have set certain safety boundaries. On finding any suspicious activity happening around or within your account, your credential/token might expire.

The possible reasons behind your credential/token expirations are:

  • You may haven't logged in even once in the last 2 months (the most usual reason).
  • You've recently changed your Facebook or Instagram password.
  • You've recently logged out of Facebook or Instagram.
  • Logging in and out of multiple Facebook or Instagram accounts from your device.
  • Facebook or Instagram has detected a security issue on your account.
  • Facebook or Instagram suspects spammy behavior on your account (like posting too frequently or repetitive content).
  • Suspicious (Login attempts from a new location) and later not having the full permissions required. In case if you initially grant the permissions and decide to stop using our authentication, we do not have access without your permission.
  • If you haven't logged in the last 60 days, then the Facebook token gets expired. To know more, follow this doc.

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