Authenticate with Facebook

In order to display Facebook feeds you have to get Facebook Access Token. 

Please note

This is a unified guide for all Social Stream Apps including Flow-Flow for WordPress, Flow-Flow for Shopify and all upcoming streaming apps. Here and below by any mention of  Plugin or Social Stream App mean one of the apps or plugins listed above.

According to the table choose the proper method for your Social Streams App or Plugin.

Social Streams App Available methods
Flow-Flow for WordPress (PRO and Lite) All methods
Flow-Flow PHP Script All methods (v3.0+)

Method 1. Authorize via our app

This is fastest possible way to obtain access token. No worries, we don't gather any data from Facebook account you use.

  1. Navigate to your Social Streams App settings page in Wordpress admin dashboard.
  2. Head to Auth tab and find Facebook section.
  3. Click Authorize button to authorize with our Facebook app.
  4. Confirm permissions in Facebook popup.
  5. Now you can create feeds for Facebook public pages you administer

You will be redirected to settings where you will see newly created token.

Method 2. Use own app

Starting from August 1, 2018 Facebook allows only the  admins of FB pages to embed posts of these pages on other sites. So when registering application you should use account which has admin role for page you're going to get posts feed from. Leave your app in Development mode so the feed of your page displays correctly.

Register new application

  1. Head over to and log in, if necessary.
  2. Register as developer. You will be prompted to create your first app during your registration.
  3. If you're already registered before choose on the navigation bar My Apps ➝ Add a New App.
  4. Type in any name of your App, your email and click Create New Facebook App ID.
  5. IMPORTANT! Leave your app in Development mode. 
  6. Copy App ID at the top of the page. We will need it soon.

App ID

Paste your App ID on Auth settings page in Plugin's admin panel. Do not lose this ID, we still need it.

Get App Secret

  1. On Facebook Developers navigate to Settings ➝ Basic.
  2. Simply click Show in the field App Secretand confirm your Facebook password.
  3. Copy revealed key and paste it on your Plugin’s Auth settings page in admin panel.

Filling Basic Settings

  1. Fill in the domain of your website in App Domains field using following format:
  2. Fill in the privacy policy URL of your website (if you don't have such page, enter the same URL from step 1 in Privacy Policy URL
  3. It is also necessary to upload an image through App Icon option. Use any image. Its dimensions must be 1024 x 1024 pixels. You can save and use this image.
  4. Head over to bottom of Settings page and click +ADD PLATFORM button
  5. Select Website
  6. Enter domain you entered in step 1
  7. Click Save Changes

Generating Token

  1. For streaming public pages please go to Explorer Tool
  2. Choose your newly created app in Application dropdown. 
  3. Expand Get Token dropdown and choose Get Page Access Token. Approve access, ignore warning, it's not needed for getting your page feed.
  4. Choose page you want to stream in the same Get Token dropdown. 
  5. That’s it, copy newly generated Page Access Token from token field and paste it in Flow-Flow admin.