My Feed Stopped Working

This guide is useful if your feed suddenly stopped working without your attention.

Facebook: Application request limit reached

Troubleshoot this

Outdated API methods

Some API methods could be changed or deprecated by a social network.

Do: Update plugin to the latest version and re-authenticate with a social network if necessary.

Feed source has been changed or deleted

If you are streaming, for example, an account which name has been recently changed or account has been deleted, then your feed is obviously broken as well.

Do: Check that your feed’s content is still available on social network’s website.

Feed source is not public anymore

Social networks API allow us to stream only public content. If your feed source privacy settings have been changed to private, there is no way to fetch new content.

Unknown reason

Not every social network tells us the reason why the feed or token could stop working. We prepared general suggestions you can try before contacting support.


Nothing helps!

Kindly submit a ticket for customer care.

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