Facebook: Application Request Limit Reached

This error happens when somebody is spamming our Facebook application with an unusual number of requests. Once it happens, we automatically disable Facebook feeds for a few hours. Every disabled feed will try to reanimate itself in 6 hours. So, if it happened without your attention, your Facebook feeds will be turned on after a while anyway.

It's possible to avoid this error completely. Please read this entire article to find out how.


  1. Go to Auth tab on Plugin's settings page. Then Log out from our Facebook application and click Authorize button again to re-connect.
  2. Wait some time (learn more below).
  3. Authenticate with Facebook using your own Facebook App and tokens
  4. If none of this has helped, please submit a ticket for Customer Care.

Be advised that Facebook limits API calls at the App level (not by users). When you connect Flow-Flow to our App, you share common API calls limitation with all users who connected via our App. When a rate limit is exceeded, all API calls from an app are throttled and fail for a brief period of time. It can take up to an hour before requests could be accepted again.

What you can do

You can try to manually re-enable feed once per hour. Or you can do nothing, and we will try to re-enable your feeds every 6 hours. Basically, if you want to have more independence and stability, you need to create your own Facebook App and tokens. Then you will never have this error. If only you do not overload own Facebook app by yourself, which is very unlikely.

If you are fine to go with our App anyways, It's a good idea to check that your version of Flow-Flow is not too outdated. From time to time, we create new Facebook Apps that work with fresh plugin versions only. We're looking for opportunities to improve this case.