Facebook: Application Request Limit Reached

This error happens when somebody is spamming our Facebook application with an unusual number of requests. Once it happens, we automatically disable Facebook feeds for a few hours. Every disabled feed will try to reanimate itself in 6 hours. So, if it happened without your attention, your Facebook feeds will be turned on after a while anyway.

Be advised that Facebook limits API calls at the App level (not by users). When you connect Flow-Flow to our App, you share common API calls limitation with all users who connected via our App. When a rate limit is exceeded, all API calls from an app are throttled and fail for a brief period of time. It can take up to an hour before requests could be accepted again.

What you can do

You can try to manually re-enable feed once per hour. Or you can do nothing, and we will try to re-enable your feeds every 6 hours. 

It's a good idea to check that your version of Flow-Flow is not too outdated. From time to time, we create new Facebook Apps that work with fresh plugin versions only. We're looking for opportunities to improve this case.