My Stream Is Not Updated (Flow-Flow)

For Grace Instagram Feed plugin, please follow this article.

Install WP Crontrol and check if flow_flow_load_cache task is present in Tools/Crontrol.

It's here

If you see that its  next run date is OK, please consider doing the next steps.

  1. Double check all authentication data and if you don’t see any errors on stream page (only admins see errors above stream container if they are present) and in admin check status of the stream (on streams list you will see exclamation mark if the stream has an error).
  2. Sometimes your server Cron is spammed by a lot of same tasks which can be an issue that prevents Flow-Flow updating task from functioning OK. Check for tasks with the same name in a list of tasks, for example, using Crontrol plugin.
  3. Sometimes you can reach your server capacity, and it can’t handle the current amount of streams. Try to switch plugin to WP wrapper for DB operations (if you have 1.4+ plugin version). Check here how to enable it.

If it’s scheduling is not OK like the date in the past, please ask support from your hosting provider. Tell them  WP Cron is not working correctly.

It's not here

If you don’t see tasks, you need to create a custom interval in  Settings/Cron Schedules with the next fields:

Then go back to  Tools/Crontrol and create the task flow_flow_load_cache with these fields.

Previous steps didn't help

Please open the Wordpress configuration file wp-config.php in text editor and add this line:

define('FF_USE_DIRECT_WP_CRON', true);

After that, wait some time and see if it helps.

Previous steps also didn't help

If feeds are updating manually, this means something is wrong with Cron. Possibly, it's an issue with WP wrapper for Cron, and you can try to use server-side Cron.

Please add this line to wp-config.php file; it's specific for Flow-Flow:

define('FF_USE_WP_CRON', false);

and then add to server Cron jobs this command:

/usr/bin/curl -L -o /dev/null

replace with your site URL.