Grace WP: Installation and Requirements

Grace creates stunning Instagram galleries for WordPress sites. This premium plugin works great with any WordPress theme.


  1. Unzip plugin archive.
  2. Place insta-flow folder into the …/wp-content/plugins/ directory of your site.

Or you can do the second part in more handy way via WordPress Admin panel:

  1. On the Plugins panel press the Add New button.
  2. Press Upload tab.
  3. Browse for the file, select it, press Open.
  4. Click Install Now.

Troubleshooting:  No valid plugins were found. Plugin install failed

Files structure

Grace Instagram Feed has standard WordPress plugin structure. It includes both PHP files for server-side and JavaScript files to operate on client-side. Main plugin file   FlowFlow.php generates grid HTML and injects JS (like main JS public.js) from /js folder and CSS from /css folder on your site page. Also it’s responsible for plugin options and settings storage.

Source code: PHP and Javascript

Plugin main PHP class is defined in   INSTClassLoader.php. PHP files provide standard WordPress plugin routine like settings and appearance presentation in admin and settings storage in WordPress database and also includes other .php files and injects .js, .css for browser pages. 

Front-end scripting and third-party plugins are located in JS folder.

Design: CSS and images

We use multiple CSS files in this plugin: for admin and public. The first one   admin.css is for plugin styles in WordPress admin like settings page. The second file public.css contains all of the specific stylings for the Flow-Flow on your site pages. Rest are third-party plugin’s CSS for admin e.g. colorpicker

Feel free to edit any of this CSS. Please double-check if editing more than just font or background color.


Please refer to individual articles from left sidebar menu for various guidance.

Browser support

  • Chrome >= 20
  • Mozilla Firefox >= 15
  • Internet Explorer >= 9
  • Safari >= 5
  • Opera >= 15
  • Safari Mobile for iOS
  • Chrome for Android / iOS
  • Firefox for Android


  • PHP 5.6 or above on your server with mysqli extension for MySQL (InnoDB). Installation
  • You need to have jQuery version 1.7 or above on you WP server.
  • Grid engine is pretty resourse heavy and using latest technologies so some devices e.g. low-end or old models can struggle displaying grid. Especially when being combined with another heavy scripts on page.
  • The more streams you have the more powerful server you need. Average server can handle 10 streams with 10 feeds in each no problem.

After installation

Follow  First Steps guide to setup your first social stream.


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