First Steps with Grace for WordPress

Suppose you've already installed and activated Grace plugin as described in Installation article. Let’s navigate to the WordPress Admin Panel and setup our first Stream.

Authenticate your site with Instagram

Go to Grace plugin settings page and navigate to Auth tab. Click the only button on this screen to log in, using our Instagram app or use other methods.

Creating your first Stream

  1. Open plugin settings page and click Feeds tab.
  2. Click Create Feed button and add 1 or more feeds for your future stream.
  3. Setup each feed accordingly to simple rules described with visible hints. 
  4. Go to Streams tab and click Create Stream button.
  5. Name your stream.
  6. Using +Connect feed to stream button associate 1 or more previously added feeds with your stream.

From this point, your settings are done if you don’t really need any further customization. Go through all other tabs to design, style and customize your stream. Save stream and go back to the list. Now you see the list with newly created Stream and it’s shortcode.

Inserting Stream on page

Copy and paste shortcode found on admin page on streams list on any page or post. 

Further Reading

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