Using Content Filters with Flow-Flow

It's possible to configure your feeds with an exclusion, inclusion, or both content filters. It's a  great a tool to create custom feeds or protect your streams from unwanted content.

How to filter content

Head over the Feeds tab and click the three dots button next to the feed that you want to filter, select Filter feed.

The pop-up with filter settings appears. Mouse over How to filter link to get an idea of what content you can filter.

Setup exclusion filters to remove bad words, search queries, accounts, etc from your feeds automatically. If you want to include only some kind of content using the inclusion input field.

How content filters work

To add rules just type them in  the  corresponding  field and hit Enter. Don't forget to Save changes.

  • You can add 1 or multiple rules for exclusion or inclusion filters.
  • A single list of exclusion (or inclusion) filters is applied with the OR operator. It means that any matched filter excludes (or includes) posts. 
  • It's possible to combine inclusion and exclusion rules together. Two filter lists are applied with the AND operator. First, the inclusion filters work. After that, exclusion filters apply to the remaining content.

For manual stream moderation, follow the Manual Pre-moderation guide.

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