Do you provide installation or customization services?

Purchasing on Envato marketplaces you get premium products with free updates and 6-month free support which is a great thing. But, according to Envato Terms product customization is not included with your purchase.

Anyways, we always try to help our customers with small tweaks. If you require deep customization or installation service we recommend to make order on WPKraken. You may expect absolute professionalism, affordable price, and 100% moneyback guarantee

Order customization service from us

Some customers want to order a new functionality that would be included in our plugin. And this is understandable because often it is necessary to keep the ability to update the plugin. So, it's great not to customize plugin, but have desired features included in the product. Despite the fact that we do not provide such services by default, but it is still possible and we have successful cases of such cooperation. In fact, a few features of our products are implemented by customer's order. 

You may expedite development of some features or order new ones, that aren't on our roadmap. Ordering from us is possible under the following conditions:

  • This is a paid service. Price is discussed separately for each specific case.

  • The requested feature should follow the main concept of the product. 

  • Deadlines are not too tight. We will not be able to take up the order if you need it directly for tomorrow.

Please send your requests via our  Help Center and describe your task in details. Thanks!

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