Authenticate with Foursquare

In order to show Foursquare feed in stream you have to generate Client ID and Client Secret.

Please note

This is unified guide for all Social Stream Apps including Flow-Flow for WordPress and Shopify, Grace Instagram Gallery and all upcoming streaming apps. Here and below by any mention of  Plugin or Social Stream App mean one of the apps or plugins listed above.

Register new Foursquare App

  1. Head over to and log in, if necessary.
  2. Click on My Apps in top menu.
  3. Click Create New App button.
  4. Name your Application and fill the Download / welcome page url field with URL of your website.
  5. Hit Save Changes.

Final Step

  1. Navigate to your Social Streams App/Plugin Auth settings page in admin panel.
  2. Paste generated Foursquare Client id and Client secret. Then press Save Changes.

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