Authenticate with Linkedin

In order to show LinkedIn feed on stream, you have to generate  Client ID and Client Secret and put them on Social Streams App settings page. You have to be admin of the LinkedIn page you want to stream. That’s Linkedin requirement.

Please note

This is a unified guide for all Social Stream Apps including Flow-Flow for WordPress and Shopify, Grace Instagram Gallery and all upcoming streaming apps. Here and below by any mention of  Plugin or Social Stream App mean one of the apps or plugins listed above.

Register new LinkedIn App

  1. Head over to and log in, if necessary.
  2. Click on Create Application.
  3. Enter all required fields. You can use dummy info except Website URL. Enter URL of the website where you want to use a plugin.
  4. Hit Submit.
  5. Open application edit page and enable rw_company_admin permission on the Authentication tab.
  6. Enter your site URL as Authorized Redirect URL and hit Add.
  7. Hit Submit again.
  8. Copy Client ID and Client Secret from next page and paste to plugin’s admin page under Auth tab on plugin admin page.

Getting Access Token

  1. Using your LinkedIn app details replace placeholders for next URL:
    Where APP_REDIRECT_URI can be your site URL.
  2. After you sign in in Linkedin and click Apply you will be redirected to page you specified as APP_REDIRECT_URI, in its URL you will see parameter ?code=SOME_CODE. Copy and save this code. Please notice that URL also has &state=DONT_CHANGE_THIS, ignore this part when copying code.
  3. Now replace placeholders in this URL and visit it in a browser
  4. Finally, copy Access code from the page (valid for 60 days) and paste it in Flow-Flow auth settings.