Authenticate with Twitter

Please note

This is an outdated guide. Since Twitter killed free READ-ONLY access to Twitter API, to get a Twitter wall on your website, you must pay Twitter $100 monthly

Considering the current feedback, we have no promises to implement new API support in future releases. Other feed types are operable for sure.

To run Twitter feeds on your site, you must create a Twitter application. It is necessary to generate Twitter API Keys, Access Token, and secret keys.

Create a Twitter Application

  1. To create Twitter applications and get access to the API, you have to apply for a Developer account. If you do not have it yet, please sign up here
  2. When you get Developer access to the Twitter API, go to and create a new Project.

  3. Give it some name, select the appropriate use case, and enter a project description.
  4. Then, create a new App (it will work as a container for the API Keys that you need to request content via the Twitter API). Set an App Environment to Development or Staging. Give your App a name to create it.

  5. Submit the form by clicking the Next button. Once you click Next, you will get your Consumer API Key and Key Secret. Copy and save them in some text file, etc.

  6. Click the App settings button and visit the Keys and tokens section. Here you need to generate the Access Token and Secret. Also, you can regenerate keys if you lose them.

  7. Generate and copy your Access Token and Secret values.

  8. Insert all that info into the AUTH tab in the Flow-Flow plugin and save the settings.

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