Authenticate with Twitter

In order to run Twitter feeds on your site you have to create a Twitter application. It is necessary to generate Twitter API Keys, Access Token and secret keys.

Please note

This is unified guide for all Social Stream Apps including Flow-Flow for WordPress and Shopify, Grace Instagram Gallery and all upcoming streaming apps. Here and below by any mention of  Plugin or Social Stream App mean one of the apps or plugins listed above.

Create Twitter Application

  1. Go to and log in, if necessary.
  2. Enter any Application Name e.g. “Social Streams”, Description and your website address. You can leave the callback URL empty.
  3. Accept the agreement and submit the form by clicking the Create an App button.

Hint: You can view your Twitter applications or create new one anytime on  Twitter Application Management.

Get your auth keys

  1. On your newly created Twitter application page go to the tab Keys and Access Tokens.
  2. Under the Application Settings find and copy your Consumer Key (API Key) and Consumer Secret (API Secret).
  3. Open your Social Streams App/Plugin Auth settings page in admin panel. And paste both keys in corresponding fields.

Get Access Token

  1. Under the Your Access Token click Create my access token.
  2. Copy generated Access Token and Access Token Secret and paste to Plugin's settings page.

Now you have all required keys and ready to add Twitter feeds.