Activate Social Stream App

Activation is a pretty straightforward process and it's common for any social stream app (currently available only for WordPress versions of Flow-Flow and Grace). Head over License tab and fill a short form including purchase code that you received with your purchase on CodeCanyon. Where's my purchase code?

What gives activation?

Please, note that activation is not a necessary step. This is about your willingness to register your copy. Activation provides no additional features except one. With activated copy, you can update social stream app from Plugins menu in a native way. It's easier than downloading of every new update through CodeCanyon interface.

How to activate Social Stream App on Envato Elements?

Unfortunately, this feature is not available for Envato Elements customer. But you can still see License tab, because plugin builds are mirrored between Envato marketplaces and Envato Elements. As we mentioned before, you may just ignore License tab. Your copy of plugin is 100% legit and you shouldn't worry about this. But automatic updates are available for CodeCanyon users only at the moment. We are looking for an opportunity to improve this case.

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