Social Counters Are Not Updated

Likes, comments, and other counters aren't updated for all historical posts automatically. This data is getting cached because real-time updating creates a heavy load on server resources. 

But, whenever Flow-Flow requests new posts from social networks, it updates social counters for a number of last posts in the cache that was set in POSTS TO LOAD DURING UPDATE parameter.

It's also possible to manually refresh counters by rebuilding the feed's cache

Please note

Whenever you rebuild the feed's cache, Flow-Flow erases all feed data and pulls feed content again from a scratch. 50 last posts will be fetched and updated for your feed. Learn more

We are looking for technical opportunities to improve this case.

Also, you can hide the counters section with CSS. Please add this code to the CSS section in stream settings:

.ff-item .ff-likes, .ff-item .ff-comments { display: none !important; }

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