Find Vine ID

Search API

  1. Enter in your browser address bar URL
  2. In the given URL change USERNAME with Vine username you’re looking for e.g. MarnieTheDog.
  3. Hit Enter. You’ll get code starting like this:
    {"code": "", "data": {"count": 4, "anchorStr": "0", "records": [{"username": "Marnie The Dog", "verified": 0, "vanityUrls": [], "avatarUrl": "", "userId": 1090728917100347392,
  4. In the given code you’ll find your ID after “userId”:.

Get your profile ID

If you have username in URL please use first method with search API.

  1. Log in to Vine and press View profile.
  2. You will be directed to your profile page where you can see your ID in the URL.