Grace vs Flow-Flow: how to choose wisely

Grace Instagram plugin can be a better choice compared to Flow-Flow Social Streams under certain conditions. First of all, one should take into account the fact that the versatility of Flow-Flow imposes certain restrictions on the use of some layouts and elements inside them. 

Grace offers more options for customizing styling elements, since this plugin does not need to reckon with the variety of content types from different social networks. Using only one social network allows to optimize the style of content design in a wider range of variations.

Another important factor in choosing a suitable plugin is its price. Flow-Flow costs $29 and along with the expansion of its functionality, the cost will increase. Grace Instagram plugin costs $19 and will always be cheaper than its more universal ancestor.

The choice of Grace Instagram plugin is completely justified if you want to use only one social network when creating your social streams within the WordPress project. If you want to capture various sources of content from social networks, only Flow-Flow will be able to meet your needs.